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PAST PROJECT: Catch & Release Bongo Conservation Hunt

The Bisbee’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund in cooperation with the Morani River Ranch proudly presents Project: Catch & Release Conservation Bongo Hunt.

This project has been designed to raise funds for the conservation and proliferation of endangered and extinct-in-the-wild species. In an online auction style fund raiser, the winning bidder will hunt and tranquilize a Bongo on the Morani River Ranch located in South Texas. During their 4 night, 3 day stay at Morani's luxurious ranch, the winner and a guest will assist veterinarians in administering vaccinations, routine health checks, and collecting reproductive material from the tranquilized Bongo. In addition to making sure the Bongo is in good health, the collected reproductive material will be sent around the world to aid in species proliferation through the introduction of new gene pools into other source populations. The winning bidder will enjoy professional photography and video that documents this hunt of a lifetime for many years to come.

The first auction has already taken place and was a huge success. We plan to announce the upcoming Catch & Release Conservation Bongo Hunt dates within the next few weeks.

Latest News

Cash and Release for Conservation
by Conor Harrison | LONE*STAR OUTDOOR NEWS Volume 11, Issue 20

Enjoying the thrill of the hunt while also helping ensure the animal returns to its environment healthier than before. That's the goal of a new program begun by the Frisco based Bisbee's Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund, according to Bisbee's Director of Development Brian White.  Read More

Will Big Game Hunters Trade Bullets for Tranquilizer Darts?
by Brian Clark Howard | National Geographic

On a cold morning in late February, Chip Wagner stalked an African bongo, an endangered antelope with a striking striped coat. Only Wagner wasn’t in Africa; he was on a hilly game ranch in South Texas. And he wasn’t using his usual bow, but a dart gun, which he had never shot before.  Read More

Feb 2015 -- Congratulations to Chip Wagner for winning the first ever Catch & Release Conservation Bongo Hunt through our online auction with a bid of $23,000. The hunt was conducted by Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund. It took place outside of Uvalde, Texas at the renowned Morani River Ranch this past Monday thru Wednesday with the successful encounter happening on Tuesday, Feb. 17. Typically hunters must travel to Central Africa to find the elusive bongo which is among the largest of the African antelope species, and even when they do, they are not always successful. Chip only had to travel to South Texas for this rare experience.  Read More