Bisbee's iTAG and Offshore Safaris are revolutionizing fish tagging and help marine biologists, researchers, and scientists better estimate migration, behavior, habitat utilization, and much more!


Fish tagging is necessary because, unlike other animals, fish spend almost their entire lives out of the sight of the researchers trying to learn about them. Tagging and recapture has been proven the best alternative to collect data. Our innovative new program will reward the recreational angler for tagging any species and reporting a subsequent recapture all without having to touch a pen or lick a stamp.

Our Tagging Projects

Since the inception of the Bisbee's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund and in partnership with Bisbee's Offshore Tournaments we are increasing our commitment to research and development provided through fish tagging. BF&WCF will not only increase our financial support of the tagging and tracking globally of all ocean species but invest in the application of recent technological advancements into tagging that will help professional and recreational anglers gather valuable information to further oceanic research. We are asking for your help in pioneering this much needed next phase of research and development for conservation.

Revolutionary iTAG Project

The Bisbee's Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund iTAG Project promises to change the future of fish tagging. The revolutionary "iTags" incorporate RFID chips and Bluetooth technology which collect significantly more data than their predecessors at virtually the same price.

With the introduction of smart phone technology and hand-held devices, we are able to automate much of our data collection and provide instantaneous data results to scientists, organizations, and anglers thru our open data policy.

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Bisbee's Revolutionary TECH-TAGs
Bisbee's Offshore Safaris

Bisbee’s Offshore Safaris

Catering to conservation minded groups, the Bisbee Safari project provides opportunities for corporations, groups of friends, or even families to experience an offshore adventure while actively participating in cutting edge science. While chasing fishing's most coveted billfish in the world’s most alluring destinations, our safari groups deploy the latest and most technologically advanced Pop-Up Satellite Archival Tags (PSATs). These high-tech tags provide scientists valuable data that helps to better understand migration patterns, habitat utilization, spawning behaviors, stock assessments and much more!

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Our tagging program aids scientists and will be open and available to anyone. All of our tagging data is transferred to the database of the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and will be made available to anyone. When you tag a fish for the Bisbee's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund, you can be sure the information gained is put to good use.